Undiscovered Kitchen

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Finals are over…wahoo!!  I can finally introduce you to Undiscovered Kitchen – my latest adventure.

Undiscovered Kitchen (UD) is marketplace that allows local & artisan food producers across the country sell their products online.  It empowers these smaller companies and people by helping them grow their businesses.  I highly recommend checking out the story of UD’s creator, Evona, here.  If you love tales of travel, trying new things, and following your dreams it’s definitely worth the read.

So why does UD matter?  Not every town has a farmers market or is even near one.  UD gives people living in these areas or entrepreneurs just looking to increase their exposure the chance to reach a larger number of people and get their product out there.  Many of the sellers on the website create incredibly unique products.  For example Simple Squares is a company that makes organic snack bars infused with herbs and honey.  They make flavors like Ginger, Sage, Coconut, and Coffee.  Are you a fan of Sriracha?  Lu’s Treats makes Sriracha Caramels!

UD is the perfect place to shops for snacks, sauces, candies, spices, and more.  I can totally picture myself buying a gift for a foodie friend from UD.

To learn more about the community of Undiscovered Kitchen click any of the lovely pictures below.

Let me know what products you would like to try!

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