TheraBreath Product Review

One of my most destructive habits is biting my cheeks. Some people bite their nails, the ends of pens or chew gum constantly. When I’m stressed out or thinking about something, I bite my cheeks. Once I start it starts a cycle of it. If you do the same, you know it can cause pain and other discomforts. So, in my quest to find a way to both limit my habit and decrease discomfort I remembered trying a mouthwash a couple years ago that made my mouth feel amazing. I started Googling for the brand and found TheraBreath. They provided me a Complete Starter Kit to test out. Here’s my TheraBreath Product Review!

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Toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner

The toothbrush has bristles that taper off to thin points which really helps to clean in between teeth. I also like the softness (per recommendation of my dentist I only use “ultra soft” toothbrushes) and size of the brush head. The tongue cleaner is more effective than just using your toothbrush to clean your tongue. Good products, but nothing too out of the ordinary!

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

TheraBreath Product Review

These are probably my favorite TheraBreath products. The toothpaste has an herbal-minty flavor that I love. It doesn’t foam up as much as other toothpastes but once you get used to using it it’s great! It feels more gentle than other brands I’ve tried which is really nice. The mouthwash feels the mintiest right after rinsing – your mouth feels so clean and it really does help fight bad breath (even when you’ve been biting your cheeks for a week). It has even begun to make my morning breath less noticeable. It doesn’t sting or cause pain like some mouthwashes do when you have raw areas from biting. If you’re going to try any TheraBreath products these are excellent ones to start with!

Throat Spray and Nasal Sinus Drops

TheraBreath Product Review

At first I really liked the throat spray. It has a flavor similar to the toothpaste and definitely helped with bad breath. Then after about three weeks or so it seemed that the flavor changed and I didn’t like it as much anymore. I’m not sure if I had a cold that made it taste weird or if the spray itself “went bad”, but in the beginning I would have recommended it to anyone looking to try a throat spray. The nasal drops are a really cool idea and I’m still getting used to using them. As someone that occasionally feels like they get bad smells “stuck” in their nose I find them really helpful and easy to use!

AktivOxigen Serum

TheraBreath Product Review

This is a serum that you mix with water or juice to create an oral rinse. It doesn’t taste like much at all, but it leaves your mouth feeling cool and clean in a way that is kind of hard to describe! You can add it to your regular mouthwash or to your water flosser to get antibacterial benefits, too. With about 60 uses per bottle it’s a real “bang-for-your-buck” type product. I could see it being useful when traveling because you could easily pack it and make your own mouthwash on-the-go.


TheraBreath Product Review

Described by one of my friends as the best mint she’d ever had, these lozenges are no joke. They last a long time, seriously freshen breath and taste great. Like the toothpaste and mouthwash, I would buy these for myself! I don’t really have “dry mouth” symptoms but I still think these are great mints. And because I rarely chew gum having a mint that has effects that last as long as longer as a piece of gum is an awesome thing.


TheraBreath, you rock. Instead of masking bad breath your products attack the sources and therefore truly work. You choose natural ingredients whenever possible and avoid sugar, artificial colors and preservatives. Being gentle enough to use when you have a cheek biting problem but also effective enough to create real results is a rare combo.

If you have any other questions about anything from this TheraBreath product review let me know!



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