The Healthiest Brands in My Life Right Now

I love small businesses.  If you’re regular reader that should come as no surprise, as I frequently feature them here and on social media. The foods and companies that fuel & inspire my life are truly killing the game, so I wanted to share them with you.  Not all are “small” businesses necessarily, but they’re all in a niche market and you might not otherwise know about them.  Here’s the healthiest brands in my life right now (besides the obvious Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc):


Hope Foods is dominating the hummus market. My favs are the dark chocolate hummus (crazy good, don’t knock it till ya try it) and the thai coconut curry.  Hummus kind of bores me sometimes, but the flavors Hope churns out are next level.  Find them in a store near you with their locator.

Purely Elizabeth granola. I have their original and pumpkin fig ancient grain granolas in my cupboard. I’m dying to try their probiotic and grain-free granolas! Their ingredients are simple and they contain less sugar, more fiber and protein than other brands. Purely Elizabeth is just an overall great (woman founded and lead 😀 ) company.

Amazing Grass it might be too early to say for sure but I’ve been using their green superfood powders for a little over a week and at this point it seems like they might be life-changing. My skin looks more glow-y and my digestion feels healthier (as someone with IBS anything that has this effect is a keeper). I shopped their Cyber Monday sale and now have three tubs in rotation! I’ll keep you updated with how it’s going on my Instagram.

Hammer Nutrition. I know this isn’t a first time mention here 😉 but I can’t really talk about brands without talking about Hammer. Their gels, omega and probiotic supplements, Recoverite, vegan protein and Fully Charged (pre-workout) are staples in my daily life and workouts. If you want a discount on your first order pop me a message on my “contact me” page!

Nature’s Path Organic – particularly their Kamut Puffs. I make smoothies super thick because I like to eat them out of a bowl with a spoon, and lately I’ve been topping them with the puffs and Purely Elizabeth granola. It’s my go-to breakfast, and at 50 calories, 2 grams each of protein and fiber for a whole cup you really can’t go wrong!

Siggi’s is probably familiar to most of you but it deserves a mention because they make my favorite yogurt ever. I toast a slice of Food for Life Ezekiel Bread or English Muffin and top it with peanut butter, plain or vanilla Siggi’s and cinnamon.

Perfect Bar lives up to its name! You can find them in the refrigerated sections of your grocery store (more and more are carrying them these days). My favorite flavors are peanut butter, carob chip and fruit & nut – they pack the most protein per bar of any of the varieties and have the most balanced macro counts. Check out what makes them perfect here.


This one is easy: ThredUp, Janji, Oiselle, Madewell (definitely not a small business but they’ve had some great sales lately). Go fall in love, it’s not hard to do.


Jeannette Ogden from shutthekaleup has been my food inspiration for a while now. She just gets it – give her a follow and don’t miss her adorable and delicious Insta stories.

Joe Rogan – his podcast and social media. If you’re a podcast person you won’t regret listening to him! He has everyone from ultrarunners to MMA fighters to life coaches and gurus on his show and it makes for some great listening.

GoPro’s YouTube channel. Want to have your mind blown? Watch any of their specials.


Farmhouse Culture has a new line of fermented vegetables coming out soon and I’m STOKED to try them.

Honey Mama’s paleo chocolate bars. I’m pretty loyal to Taza when it comes to chocolate but paleo…chocolate…come on!

Barely Bread



I’m probably forgetting a bunch of things and there are SO many more amazing companies out there but what are your favorite brands right now? Who is inspiring you?

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