The Best Workout Is The One You Love Doing

People always want to know what the “best” workout is.  The problem is that the term “best” is vague.

Best for what?

Best for weight loss?

Best for running your fastest mile?

Best for lifting the most weight?

“Working Out” is so multi-dimensional.  When people start an exercise program they often neglect to make their INTERESTS the first and foremost consideration as to what type of workout they’ll be committing to.  Those that need constant changes in scenery to stay motivated during a workout probably won’t do well in a gym doing repetitive weight-lifting exercises.  But someone that loves having a strict plan of exactly what and how many times they need to do something would do very well in the gym or at home lifting weights.

I think in today’s society people believe that there’s only one type of workout you can do to see results.  They force themselves to do something they hate and are miserable because of it; often quitting after a few weeks.  The truth is that you’ll only see results by finding something and sticking to it.  Starting a running program won’t make you any faster or in better shape if you don’t get out there consistently!  Beginning a weight training regimen won’t make you stronger if you aren’t in the gym regularly.  Doing yoga won’t make you more flexible if you only practice once a month.  You can sign up for a year of group fitness classes but first you have to show up and give it your all.

At the same time, you have to think about WHY you want to start working out.  Have you always wanted to run a 5K the whole way through?  Do you want to be able to lift heavier weights because you feel that would be satisfying to you?  Would you like to swim a mile without stopping?

Even though those are important questions, the most crucial reason you should want to become more active is to be happier and healthier.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else can do, your personal progress is all that you should keep track of.

The moral of this story is that each person is different.  Your personality, body type, and mindset all effect what type of exercise is right for you.  Every type of workout and each sport will show results as long as you stick with it.  But if you know you’ll never be able to stay motivated to run on a regular basis, try the gym or vice versa.  Signing up for barre or Zumba classes is great if you need others to help keep you going.  If you can find something you love to do and are able to make it a habit, you’re sure to see results.IMG_7116

2 thoughts on “The Best Workout Is The One You Love Doing

  1. Katie, this is great. Yep you are right the best workout is the one that is right for us. All the years of exercising and trying things out, I realized that if I am not passionate about that workout, it won’t work for me. As of now Running is my passion as I have fallen back in love with it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I believe that everyone can find an exercise that’s right for them.

      That’s amazing that you’re loving running right now, it’s so rewarding!! Stick with it 🙂

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