Nutrition Consulting

Hi! It looks like you’ve found my nutrition consulting page. There’s a good chance you’re here because of a referral from a friend of mine. If so, welcome! If not, if you wouldn’t mind writing how you found me in the comments section of the form below it would be much appreciated.

This seems like a great time to tell you a little bit more about myself…I recently graduated from an accredited nutrition (dietetics) program, which means I now have a B.S. in Nutrition. I’m taking a year off to apply to schools and work in a more clinical setting until I pursue a graduate degree(s) in nutrition and exercise physiology. I hope to become a sports dietician and strength & conditioning specialist one day.

For two years I worked as a nutrition advisor to students at my university. I spent a year doing nutrition consultant work for a start-up company. My passions are athletics, whole-foods-first nutrition, intuitive eating and enhancing life & performance through diet.

Despite my background, I am NOT a registered dietician. I’m not a medical professional. If, after getting to know you, I decide that your goals or personal details are out of my scope of experience I will help you find a dietician in your area to meet with free of charge. Dietitians, particularly those with masters degrees or PhDs, are the most practiced and trusted people in the field of nutrition. Nutritionist is not a regulated term. A 15 year old could call themselves one if they wanted. To add to this, I will gladly provide my sources to any advice I give you and send additional reading upon request.

*Some examples of diets you might like to learn more about: paleo, vegan, gluten free, etc.